Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 - My 13 Resolutions

I have seen a lot of post and blogs about 12 resolutions and they were great!  I participated in a challenge on Personal Excellence which had 13 count down days of wonderful questions. The link can be found here!  Fantastic, self improvement, by Celes.
Which is also a very self improving page to follow by the way.  Anyway, on to my point.  Since this is the year 2013, and wow it feels weird seeing this date.  I graduated high school in 1994 if that says anything. Ha!  I have decided to write my own 13 resolutions for this coming year.  Although, no promises to sticking with them.  I can promise to put in the effort!  Side note:  It doesn't have to be New Year's to make resolutions and goal changes!
Shall I begin?
1.  I have set the goal of paying my fines off and gaining my privilege of having a driver's license.  Something I have obtained and due to ignorance on my part, lost again.  I should throw in here, I don't plan on this privilege being taken away again.
2.  I honestly want to do this everyday:  Get organized.  I am so unorganized and then when it comes time to finding a receipt or an important date,  forget it.  I get all excited about daily planners and such, only to not bother, or forget to keep up with them. This has to change!
3.  I want to spend this year keeping up with my fitness routine.  I love yoga, meditation, walking, swimming, and any type of abs workout.  Abs seem to be my problem spot.  This is also because I am 36 as of November 22 and being fit can't hurt.
4.  I want to save more money than I spend.  Last year, I was able to take my girls to Pigeon Forge, Tn. and it felt great.  Good times.  A family vacation again is on my list for this coming year.  Which goes into saving up money.
5.  I am definitely going to stop procrastinating!  My famous words:  I will do it in an hour or two.....well, it can wait until tomorrow. 
6.  Keep a handwritten journal of only my poetry, such as the ones I share on here.  Lord forbid anything happen to this computer, because I am quite proud of a lot of my work.
7.  I am going to challenge myself in my favorite hobby of photography and I found a class at our community college for photography.  I may be able to turn a wonderful hobby into some cash.
8.  This may fit in with 7........but I need to get my photos and other great things together and finish working on my scrapbook!  The first half of one is gorgeous and creative, now the second blank half is waiting to be filled in.
9.  Letting go of anger toward others is a goal.  Though for the most part if I'm angry at someone, they did something to deserve it.  I have found anger consumes me and adds to my stress level, while in the meantime, the people that made me angry seem blissful. 
10.  This maybe should have been above as 1, but I already do this for the most part, I want to spend individual time with each of my daughters.  It is harder than it sounds.  They are ages 10 and 6, so what interest them both doesn't always mesh.  I have found if I set a day aside for each of them to do with me what they enjoy, it makes each one feel special.
11.  I want to continue on with the kindness challenge I participated in on Personal Excellence.  It was a wonderful challenge but it should be practiced everyday and not just over the course of 10 days.  Plus one kind deed always makes me feel like I made a difference.
12.  Most definitely going to work on my poetry, learn more from other poets, and find a skill of my own.  I want my own voice echoed so people remember.  Having my work published would be a dream come true.  
13.  Finally as 2013 begins,  I truly just want to embrace each day.  Let go of the negative, focus on the positive, and find something beautiful before each day comes to an end.  If I can capture it on film, record it in my journal, or even create a gorgeous poem about each beauty I discover daily, that would rock!  I will be happy though if above all else, I just remember to do this.  
Life is stressful, it gets rocky and rough.  I have been at the very bottom over an addiction that I am still in recovery for.  I have lost loved ones and seen all the negative, tragic events that life can throw my way.  I survived.  Not only did I survive but I learned to let go and let my laughter become my escape.  If I can't laugh at somethings in my life, I would be in a mental ward.  I will leave you guys with this:  
My favorite quote is from the book 'The Glass Castle' by Jeannette Walls.  
~Whomever coined the phrase that we have to play the cards that life dealt us was most definitely a piss poor bluffer.~

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  1. Amazing, gifted, soul-shaking work, girl! You will stand beside the shadows of Sylvia Plath, Sexton, Moore, Bishop and Emily Dickinson, if you only submit your work and keep writing this catastrophic script. Your admirer, William Gerald Wooten


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