Sunday, December 23, 2012

This could be fun.

I am new to the blog world but the more I play around with it the more fun I am finding it to be.  I realize there are a lot of things I don't know a damn thing about and a lot of things I have learned.  I even learned, I wanted the title of my blog to be 'My Constant Thoughts' and somehow, I had 'My Constant Thoughts' as my user name but the title was the name to one of my post 'No Answer' which was a poem I had written and posted. LOL  Yes, I must laugh at myself, because if I don't, I'm sure someone else will be anyway. I do rely on my fantastic sense of humor to get me through most of my daily life and I will do so here also.  I suppose you could take that to mean if you don't have a sense of humor, please ignore my blog. It could mean perhaps you'll gain a smile here and there while reading this.  Now I think I have the title and my post in the right place.  Thinking is not one of my strong points, while rambling and typing is. 
For those of you wondering how this blunder of title and post happened, the fact is with my sense of humor and amazing ability to not really care what most other's think about myself, I still was too chicken to put my name on my blog just yet.  Hence my user name being 'My Constant Thoughts'.  Although, for the ones that do know me in my day to day life, I proudly displayed my profile photo of myself.  So much for incognito. <Sigh> 
I figure as I get more used to the blog world and actually find myself becoming more of a pro, or semi-pro, then I will change my user name to match my google + .  Though, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to see the email address, along with the facial profile, and alas, the same poems, to figure out who I am.  Oh, and I sign my name to my poetry and give the dates I wrote them. Ha!
As the 'title of the post' says, THIS COULD BE FUN!!!!!

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  1. The more you hang out in this world, the more fun you will have. there are a lot of great people here!


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