Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Poem - 2001

***This was a poem I had written in 2001 and am trying to brush up some. It is actually one of my few rhyming poems.***

See my smile doesn't
quite reach my eyes?
What hurts more,
the truth or the lies?
Whatever it takes to get
you through the day.
How do you sleep when
you leave this way?
Had to do something,
so walk out on me.
Left me to handle
all the insanity.
Put pieces together,
won't fit right.
Get our lives straight,
yeah, I might.
You couldn't stand to 
live like this.
So much to me
I hope you miss.
Never liked to play
this game.
Use up my emotions,
and not explain.
Didn't matter what I
had been through.
Knew you didn't care,
I needed you.
Now you're surprised
when my tears won't fall.
Stronger than I 
believed after all.
                            @ donetta sifford 2001

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