Saturday, January 26, 2013

Breath of Spring

Wind echoes its screams
through the mountains.
Coldness slaps me with 
gust of angry air blowing
between the window panes.
Aching for spring's sweet
breath, birds singing, 
flowers whispering their
promise of bloom.

My example of 33 word personification. Enjoy!


  1. Oooo this is making me miss Spring that much more!!!

  2. I hear ya! It was twenty below celcius most days this week in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada. I'm not sure who these folks are who like this sort of weather but, count me among the "Bring on Spring" crowd. Thank you for speaking out so eloquently for the cold oppressed everywhere. :)

  3. Beautiful! Great personification :D And I totally hear you about the wind through the panes - I'm pretty much over winter ;)

    One thing - r/it's/its in the first line

    1. I just realized that after you pointed it out! Thanks. My bad! ;)

  4. So beautiful! I can feel the senses as I read your writing.

  5. well below zero in Kenai, Alaska this morning . . . brrr - I hear ya!

  6. I love nature poetry. Thank you for sharing this!

  7. This is beautiful! The flowers whispering the promise of bloom is a nice thought to get through the cold days of winter.

  8. I really like winter time, if only it didn't last so long.

  9. Wow. Thank you all for your comments!! I'm glad everyone liked it. It's about 18 degrees outside right now. I like winter also Bo, if it didn't last so long. :)

  10. We're going through a cold slap now, too!

  11. I like the coldness slaps - that's great. I wrote about Spring too though I'm not enduring 18 degree weather. It's 50 degrees here, so it's almost unfair. Lovely poem.

  12. I can completely relate. It's temperate enough where I live that the idea of spring starts to hint and tease even in January, and yet I know it will be months before it comes around.


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