Friday, January 11, 2013

I Can't Understand Me

A Poem Prompt from Tweetspeak Poetry about understanding (misunderstanding)

Walking around in
my life, oblivious to 
anything that wasn't
connected to myself.
Don't we all at some
point? There are so many
variations that created
this bubble for me.

Ever now and again,
realizing a difference,
so small of an observation,
shake it off. Such as staying
at a friend's home, both 
parents there. No broken
home. Then continue on

Time changes us all, for
better or worse. Secrets
get carried around, that will
never come out. This was
the remarkable glimpse,
for the first time ever, my
friends would never understand.

Later, to have death bring
it's hands into my life taking 
away loved ones, I thought
would never leave.  Can't
blame imagination when
I hear my friend's say, I don't 
understand why you are 
doing this.  Thinking back even
now, I wish none of them had 
to ever understand.

So much held inside, until
I felt like a rubber band
that had snapped too many 
times. Just as it seems my
life is easily misunderstood,
one person comes along.
One person who gets me,
hears my life, knows just what
to say. Making me laugh at
all the mishaps that nobody
else could see. From our
fights to our dry sense of
humor, we mesh somehow.

Letting down my guard
after all life had taught me,
is the biggest misunderstanding
of all.  I will never understand
myself for forgetting who I was
and allowing someone else to
share my memories.  Picking 
up the broken pieces, I
will never understand how I
trusted him. 

@ donetta sifford 1-11-2013

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