Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Wish I Didn't Belong Here

Many people crowd
this small space.
Yet to stop talking,
to perhaps her unresponsive
son.  Grey tennis shoes, 
laced with ungodly bright,
orange strings.  Even the
loud way she flips the
pages of a magazine,
makes me want to scream!

Across from me, plain girl.
Overweight, oblivious to 
anything but the text on
her cell. At least more
tidy than orange strings,
still babbling away.

Sitting, silently alone,
work boots on, his face
showing the same boredom
as mine.  While beside me,
white tennis shoes, reading
a magazine. Thank goodness
his strings match, blue jean
jacket, even his red hat 
isn't as loud as the talking

Early, walks in another.
I, of course was late.
Work bibs, boots, his
'howdy ma'am' accent,
staring for a place to sit.
Magazine perched in the
chair beside me. Too
backward to move it, or ask
me to. Finally finds a seat
beside the tidy, heavy set

Here I sit, make-up perfect,
new jeans, my brown and red
sweater matching my black
boots with heels. My unkempt 
curly hair, looks as if I fixed
it to cascade down my shoulders.

No better than the mismatched,
loud woman, the lady with her
text, the red cap screaming,
the work boots bored, nor
the awkward early bird.

All here for the same reasons.
Waiting our turns to see our
addiction doctor, sitting in
the waiting room of the 
addiction clinic, to get our
prescriptions we have to have,
as if they were the drug of
our choice.

Do I dress nice, hide my face
under my make-up, mask myself
with nice clothes, in hopes of
pretending I don't belong there?
I, also am an addict like these
many people crowded in this
small office space.

@ donetta sifford   1-9-2013


  1. What a beautiful way of capturing commuting Daily experience

  2. Replies
    1. I doubt pretending works for anyone. I suppose I was making an observation, though I am very proud of where I am today, than where I have been. ~I can tell you what it was like, and I can tell you what it is like now, but I cannot tell you what happened~ (Anonymous)


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