Thursday, January 24, 2013

Little Moments

Would you sell
your tomorrows,
for a taste of
Do you dream
an easier future,
or toss those
fantasies away?
When was the
first time, you
swore it would
be the last?
Where does your
mind wander, if
it moves from 
the past?

Me? I'd rather
hear about you.

Tried to give each
waking morning
away for not a dime.
Can't touch on the
dreaming, never
seem to have the
Memory will not
do here, it's
an illusion to us
Let my mind wander,
really don't recall.

No one ever gets
a second chance,
so we should make
our first ones count.
If I could make a
living from my
nightmares, there
is no fair amount.
Don't look towards
the horizon, nor
do I look back.
This little moment
is the best, I hope
to grasp. There's
nobody who can
say, perhaps it 
shall be our last. 

It's the only piece 
of time, I care to
hold on to. 
                                   @ donetta sifford 1-24-2013

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