Monday, January 21, 2013

New Year's Rockin' Cash Giveaway

     This is a fantastic offer for the 'new year's giveaway' and I needed to leave a blog post!

     What would I do if I won $200?  I first would go buy my new dress I am wanting at Rue21 at my local mall.  I also would buy a book I have been wanting to read for some time now.  This would only take $50.  I believe I would put minutes on my oldest daughter's smart phone which would be $80.  I would pay another $50 toward fines.  The left over $20 would be put in my 'jar of savings' that I keep.  I like to keep it and every December see how much I have accumulated. That's about it, I believe.  Other than it would be super cool to win something!. 

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