Thursday, January 17, 2013

Nobody Knows Her

In her mind she's
dreamed a million times.
Dreamed a million times.
Leaving her past behind.
Burying the nightmares
somewhere in that river
mud. Somewhere in that
river mud. 

What would it be like
to fly so far away, nobody
knowing her name, her
forgetting the shame.
To be somebody the
sun shines down upon.
Someone beautiful with
no secrets left behind.

Dreamed in her mind
a million times that
she's not that girl, the
one he made feel used 
up so young. Carrying
blame, secrets, pain.
She wants to fly away,
be someone else, 
anyone else, and no one 
know her name.
                                            @ donetta sifford 1-17-2013

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