Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Life

On the day I was born,
the world was remembering
the 13th year marking the loss
of JFK, another tragic death.
Bicentennial baby, though 
I was due the following year.
This was the times when
my mother was shunned for
having a baby out of wedlock.
Trying to hide a pregnancy
that would cause her shame,
led to me being premature. 
4 lbs, dropping to 2 lbs, 
my hospital stay was a month.

Brought from the hospital
to my grandparent's home.
Named after my granny and her
sister, Etta. Mother's last name.
My mother married and moved.
A thirty minute drive away
may as well been thousands.
The love I was surrounded by
in my small town, my grandparent's
unconditional love, filled with
only happy childhood memories.

Proud of who I grew up to be.
Even my mistakes, shape who
I am today, caring, forgiving.
Forgave my mother for not being
perfect long before she passed.
Respectful of my grandparents
and miss them still everyday.
Met my father when I was 30.
Thankful I told him to forgive
himself for not being around.
Because sadly enough, he too
passed away two months after
my mother.

Now, with two gorgeous daughters,
I'm happy to say I am a good mom.
Mistakes I make for sure but
my love never falters for them.
They rest easy knowing when
they wake up, I'll be here.
I have no regrets of not marrying 
their father, who sees them as
he should and loves them.
Life can make us bitter, blaming
our parents for our own shortcomings.
I swore that would never be me.

@ donetta sifford 2-17-2013


  1. Very sad and touching to read Donetta. I'm sorry for the hurt you've been through in the past but you've come full circle to be a capable and loving person, in spite of it. And I'm sure you're a wonderful mom!

    Take care, G

    1. thank you very much. i do try to be the best mom i can. you take care also. :)


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