Saturday, February 2, 2013

Secret Love

Proudly wearing my cheering sweater,
'Madison's Mom' on the back.

Then, seven, my daughter's hair up,
green and white bows, adorable skirt,
cheering her heart out for the Jets.

Halftime comes, the girls line up
on the field. Perfected stance, music starts, 
their dance begins! I'm swaying.

Now, ten, she cringes hearing
their song, I secretly love.

This was per a great prompt:

Which I found from one of my favorite blogs:


  1. Hi! We're so glad you are here. You found us through one of our favorites, too. Bo is awesome.

    Also, this song, I secretly love. I'm not into Beiber, but the song has a great beat. :)

    Thanks for linking up!!

    1. Thank you! This was a great challenge. I am not into Beiber either but when they were doing their cheering halftime routine to this song 3 years ago, I adored the song without even knowing who sang it. LOL

  2. Um .... I just saw the dude (sorry, JUNIOR dude) in concert about 2 weeks ago. My daughter is 10 and we were invited to a high-end birthday party where I served as a chaperone. And I have to admit ... despite his MC Hammer pants and Debbie Gibson hat, the little guy was actually quite talented.

    What upset me the most about the whole experience was learning that I'm older than his mom. Stupid birthday.

    Great entry. Thanks for linking up. And welcome!

    1. Thank you. That is actually very cool that you got to see him in concert. I can't scoff too much because I'm not too old to recall when my friends and I were in love with New Kids On The Block. :)

  3. Fortunately for me, my daughter was already too old to fall for Beiber-Fever when he first became so popular.

    (visiting via Ketchup with Us)

    1. It didn't take my daughter too long to grow out of him. This song does still stick in my head due to all her cheer leading practices 3 years ago. Thank you for visiting.

  4. sad but well written and you need a hug for this

  5. Your piece brings back happy memories. We enjoyed Cake and Wilco together. But now that they're out if the house, I'm sure I'm out of touch. :)


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