Friday, February 15, 2013

Up In Smoke

Two million tears later,
a river had formed.
I built you a bridge,
across salty waters.
Your eyes sparkled,
a thousand twinkling stars.
I struck a match,
sent my work up in smoke.

@ donetta sifford 2-15-2013

.For this weekend's challenge we're asking you to include some hyperbole in your piece.  It doesn't have to be the whole piece, but it needs to be in there, and we're looking for 33 words, as usual.


  1. 'Two million tears later' This is beautiful!

  2. Beautiful. Great use of hyperbole. I guess even with the work up in smoke, you can always retrieve on the hard drive! :)

  3. So much expressed in so few words. Wonderful.

  4. Pretty! I'm not sure how i feel at the end...kinda sad

  5. Building bridges over rivers of tears, YES!!

  6. Great use of hyperbole! Love the line "I built you a bridge across salty waters" - fantastic!

  7. Seems a bit bittersweet towards the ending. A strange flavor, but lovely write nonetheless.

    Good post. ^-^ Thanks for sharing.

  8. This is my favourite ... makes me think of nature pleading with us.


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