Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wandering Jew Plant

A gift for Mother's Day
from my oldest daughter.
Brought home from school
in a Styrofoam cup of water.
Starter piece cut from a plant.
A Wandering Jew.
Roots already sprouting.

Green thumb somehow eluded me.
Hectically began reading, 
how to keep this gorgeous vine alive.
Pages and pages telling me,
hard to kill this beautiful  creeper.
Fascinating the history, the story
of how this organism was named.

All the more reasons I mustn't fail.
Carefully trimming the roots, 
making sure it had the right amount of light.
Watching it grow, until time to transplant.
The stress of fixing potting soil just right,
gently placing it just so in the hole I made.
Securing it with the soil and tending it daily.

Then I saw a beautiful transformation.
Growing, vines beginning to hang.
My Wandering Jew survived!
Now it has transformed enough
to produce it's on starters.
Wonderful feeling and gift idea.
Proudly I can say I didn't kill a plant.




  1. Well done Donetta! I'm great at killing plants so I know of your trepidation what to do and not do. This was a great take on the prompt, love it! :<)

  2. Great job! Sometimes plants work for me, other times, not so much so I value your words and efforts!

    1. Thank you. I really am glad I didn't kill it. :)

  3. Very neat subject and poem. I have a wandering jew under my orange tree and it is spreading all over the ground, so have lots and lots of cuttings for anyone.

    1. I bet they are beautiful outside. I was afraid it would die. lol. I had actually never heard of the plant until my daughter brought it home from school. Which you can tell by the poem, I am not really a plant person. :)

  4. That is so sweet - both plant and poem! Yay for having a plant survive (I know that feeling) :)

  5. and proud you should be; beautiful poem, beautiful plant

    much love...


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