Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Before You Were You

It's strange how someone captures our eye.
Attraction plays a huge role in whom we connect with.
You talk to that person, and you both know it's fake.
It's flirting and laughter. Shared moments of newness.
You can only go by what you're told and see.
Then something crucial happens.
You both let down your guard and become more real.
In that moment when time shifts,
you know in your heart, you are still who you were.
At the beginning, even if you are more relaxed.
A trust has to be built up to come this far.
Only to learn this person is not whom they seemed to be.
The real them is crueler, colder, and learn quickly your weaknesses.
Months later as you wonder how it all went to hell
you stare at their photo, trying to remember why you fell for them.
But your memory fails you because the start is corrupted by the end.
Longing for the days of laughter and playfulness.
Wishing you could turn back the clock, rewind back
to the moments you shared, before they became them.

@ donetta sifford 3-5-2013

1 comment:

  1. First impressions get us into the most lasting messes.

    Good post~ So terribly true.

    You never really know a person until they show themselves to you.


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