Monday, March 4, 2013


By the time I got to Woodstock
the rain drops on my face
felt like drinks of peace from the Heavens.
There were no strangers around
for we all came joined as one.
I lay my blanket in the muddy fields
to rest my weary soul, Amazing Grace
rang through my head, Arlo Guthrie
was playing only for me. 
Caught between sleep and a hazy dream,
I swear I seen a soldier cradled in love.
Settling in with a joint in my hand,
wanted to pass it his way, he was gone.
Passed it to another girl with glassy eyes,
braided hair grungy as mine.
Smiling and swaying on that dairy farm.
CCR singing 'As Long As I Can See The Light'.
Found a long haired, gorgeous man
sharing confusion with me, Janis was screaming
'Me and Bobby McGee'. Knew just what she meant
when she said 'freedom's just another word'
because I had nothing to lose.
But by the time I got to Woodstock,
everything seemed right with the world.
Laughter, hope, peace and love 
surrounded the crowded grass.
Tired and coming down from the clouds
some were leaving that day.
Rooted to that spot when Hendrix 
began to play and he whispered,
'castles made of sand fall to the sea, eventually.'
I finally understood where I belonged.


  1. That is really lovely.

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