Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dancing to a Lost Song

I can still remember us holding hands
as we ran from the party to the shore.
Wanted to be alone with you, wet sand
on my bare feet, the water looked beautiful
Glimmers of light from fire in the distance
painted colors of restlessness in your eyes
Swaying to the music we still heard 
pretending this wasn't my last night here
Ocean was breathtaking but not as much
as you were, pulling me to your body 
to dance to a slow song, I can still hear
You whispering the lyrics to a song
I don't remember, but the beat was just right
Drawing away from you, twirling in the waves,
my skirt and bathing suit top barely hanging on
Memory still cloaks that night as perfect.
Flawless as a memory can be in one's mind.
As the sun broke through in the morning
We had waltzed our way back to my room.
Many years have passed by now 
but every time I am walking on a beach
My heart conjures up your hands wrapped 
around my waist, and I hum a lost song aloud.


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