Monday, March 18, 2013

Just Drive

image courtesy of Dean McCoy Photography
Image Courtesy of Dean McCoy Photography

Ordered a shot of tequila, no salt, hold the lime.
She hadn't came to listen to the band.
After twelve years of love, the routine, comfort
Loneliness just helped her leave her man.
Her curls that grazed the middle of her back,
now tickled her shoulders in a darker shade.
Bought a new dress that hugged her curves.
Black matching  heels to emphasize her legs.
All this time together, she never even ask for a ring.
Communication is the key to a lasting relationship?
She'd been trying to unlock the wrong door.
So she tried to tell him in a different way.
That she needed what they had before.
Stares from other men was not why she sat here.
This was the bar where he'd vowed his love.
Foolishly she wondered should she call him.
Then decided there was no more to say.
She'd grown too empty, jaded and tired
Games were for little kids anyway
Maybe she'd take one more shot of Patron
Then drive until she fancied another state.

@ donetta sifford 3-18-2013


  1. This read like lyrics to me. I could almost see her sitting on the stage singing this song in a smokey voice over the low tones of a bass. Loved the tone that the first two lines set. I also thought that this had a lovely sense of ritual to it.

  2. Wonderfully atmospheric and moving - love the way it's constructed and the flow of the words and images.

  3. "She'd been trying to unlock the wrong door"

    That really seemed to sum up her state of mind and the way she knows a moment has passed, though she can't quite let it go.


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