Monday, March 18, 2013

Music Machine

"Keep on rockin' to it, 
please don't stop the,
please don't stop the music!"

Rihanna is sensually singing
as I'm sweeping, swaying 
with my broom.
Though this song wasn't out
then, I picture North Carolina,
dancing in the club.
Music is like a sorcerer, magically
placing my memories around.
I can be 3, watching my granddaddy
flat foot to Bill Monroe or
I can be 10 at a local sock hop,
swaying with the coolest boy to
Debbie Gibson and George Michael's.
I can still hear my beautiful aunt's
voice when she sang only to me,
    "Amanda, light of my life.
     Fate should have made you a gentleman's wife."
Flashback to my Winnie the Pooh record player
spinning 'Thriller' and 'Billie Jean'.
Recall my first true love, Paula Abdul's 'Rush Rush'
made me long for him.
My granny's passing was more than
I thought I could bear, the song I picked
started to play, Dolly Parton's angel voice,
     "She's a sparrow when she's broken,
      but she's an eagle when she flies."
Fast forward this reel of my life, to my daughter
waking up at 2 years old, me crooning "Good morning
Beautiful" or at least the parts I knew. 
Memories can be forgotten, or remembered 
to surprise us of where we've been. 
Love all music from Joplin to Eminem.
Have respect for musicians, wonder if they know
what their songs, instruments, and lyrics can do.
Bittersweet, happy, sad, angry......... all music
is now in my mp3 player, as long as I can feel something.

@ donetta sifford 3-18-2013


  1. Sounds like you enjoy a lot of different types of music! I really enjoyed reading this.

    Hope you have a good week, G

  2. Isn't it amazing how a certain song can transport us to a particular time? Yes, music does make us feel...

    Like you, my music tastes are diverse and I never tire of them all!

    Loved this gorgeous tribute to the soundtrack of your life.

  3. Music makes us all feel. Sometimes it even reminds me of old memories. Well-written contribution!

  4. Music has a way of infecting us for sure.

  5. ah i have a pretty eclectic taste in music myself and it is woven into the fabric od my life through the year...and music def has th power as well to take us places...and to memories...well done...

  6. Like you did here, we can flashback to the genres that influenced us all, and remember songs that really spoke life to us in different ways and had a part in shaping us all. Music really does play a big part in our lives. You described it well.

  7. It is such an important part of life, isn't it? Nice read!

  8. I love the way music is so entwined in your life.

  9. Yes, music is a truly amazing thing. Your poem captures its diversity and the way it entwines with our lives.
    Thank you for a great prompt! :-)


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