Monday, March 11, 2013

My Attic

If I dared go into my attic,
what would come my way?
Spiders that have long
called this place home.
Their webs covering my face.
Chewed up antique things
from a rat that found some warmth.
Old boxes that describe my grandparents
long before the gave life.
If I dared to go into my attic,
what wonders would I cross?
Photos, books, dishes, 
paintings, art, all lined up there.
Would I learn of more history?
Find something of value too?
Or would I fight against 
the things that crawl around,
to discover nothing is there?

@ donetta sifford 3-11-2013


  1. This is a very interesting POV. Looking up at wonder. Very good.

  2. I love attics but it's so true, we never know all that we will find there. I enjoyed this interpretation of the prompt: attic Donetta! Happy Week to you, G :<)

  3. Nice - a different view of what an attic is. I know I don't always think about the possible insects and other pests that might be found in such places.

  4. I am sure I'd find the spiders in mine too, but hopefully not rats or mice. Yikes. :) Attics can be fun and interesting places to visit if there are some old treasures yet to be found. Good descriptive way of describing your attic here. :)


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