Sunday, March 3, 2013

Vow to the Onion

I will not and cannot cry!
You bring watery eyes to anyone I have talked to.
It's absurd, I haven't cried in years.
I'm chopping you up for sauce without one tear shed.

@ donetta sifford 3-3-2013

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    1. Hee!Hee!Poor onions-they have met their match in you;-)Loved it!

    2. Well, it seems only fair. If your chopping up an onion to be eaten, he's going to take revenge. Did your refusal to cry work? Mind over matter, right? Nice one!

    3. Brings tears to my eyes, cute ode to da onion.

    4. lol - this was awesome. I love onions, but I'm a weeping fool by the time I've finished chopping. I did learn a trick - if you rub a metal spoon over your hands under running water, the onion smell vanishes. It's crazy, but it really works! :)

    5. I like to chop onions after I've watched a sad movie-it's a good excuse to bawl my eyes out:)

      This was such a fun 33 words! Great job!!

    6. One reason I use Vidalias, less tears.

    7. Ugh onions. They're so good but so yucky too lol
      I've heard putting them in the refrigerator helps to lower the risk of tears (:

    8. :) that'll show the onion . . . or, perhaps the editorial blog The Onion? :)

    9. Love it! I have this conversation every time I have to cut an onion. Fantastic take on the prompt!

    10. Goggles. Not pretty but, no tears. :)

    11. lol Went back to look at the title, thankfully!


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