Sunday, April 7, 2013

Another Day

my tears were shed in silence
alone in my bed, confusion
watching my favorite movie
or at least staring at the t.v.
how can i make you see 
that my heart and soul aches
to see you smile and kiss me
being with you and laughing
made me love you and now
now you have become more
than just a lover to me
you are the one i open up to
my best friend that i trust
i still get butterflies to see you
has your love died for me or
was it never there to begin with
it seems regret and sadness
are the hardest things to bear
am i doomed like vivien leigh
watching her beg clark gable
to give her one more chance
should i just rest for now
try to block your anger out
i hear her crying on the screen
then i hear her hopeful words
"after all, tomorrow is another day"

@ donetta sifford 4-7-2013


  1. I love how you incorporated the phrase by making reference to the film. And I'll tell you, it is completely appropriate for the theme of the poem. Heartbreak and "Gone With the Wind" go together perfectly. After all, it was this novel that taught me that you may love but you cannot make anyone love you back.

    1. Ah, I seen this prompt and 'Gone With the Wind' is one of my favorite movies. I loved Vivien Leigh. I found her beauty breathtaking and the movie so hard because she made such bad spontaneous decisions and searched for a happiness she had the entire time. It also intrigued me she wasn't from the South nor the United States. :)

  2. A heartfelt poem! I also like how you referenced the film and like the film, used the prompt as the last line.

  3. Sad but beautiful. Thanks so much for contributing to Carry On Tuesday.

    1. Thank you. So glad I found the blog and lovely prompts.

  4. enjoyed your words....sad..emotional..they touch me

  5. This is a tear jerker and well written,too.

  6. It would appears the dark side of things brings out creativity........


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