Thursday, April 25, 2013

Belong To You

somewhere we got off track
tell me how to bring us back
living apart seems so wrong
your embrace is where i belong
can we turn this all around

remember when we met
memories i don't regret
four wheeling to the top
most people had to stop
we kept going though 

seeing you in my drive
reminded me love's alive
you looked 25 again
hair blowing in the wind
seemed the world was brighter

we laughed, talked, laughed again
sure have missed my best friend
been lovers, friends, and foes
our highs outweigh all the lows
let's keep going together

@ donetta sifford 4-25-2013


  1. Love this..........Feels like I'm part of it and feeling it to the core!

  2. Love this. Are memories ever enough to bring us back though?


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