Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ecstasy or Torment

she never cared about who may judge
one cannot possible understand another's heart
so to everyone's frustration, her opinion came out
morbid and unhealthy was her thought on funerals

the mortified stares at her statements
laughable when she found them uncaring
paying respects, that phrase made her cringe
arguing if it was respect for the deceased
shouldn't they have gotten everyone's while alive
half the people were there laughing afterwards
barely away from the graveside before fork in mouth
like they had just done some burial and must feast

paying respects to the loved ones left behind?
then sensibly couldn't that be done different
did they all have to find her so disrespectful
if she did not want to hug the grieving ones
while tearing up and trying not to listen
hear someone say 'how good the body looked'
then gathering the next day for the actual service

the next day wouldn't be so bad after all
if not for every person crowding in to be seated
but not before they clawed their way to sign a guest book
the pastor asking everyone to bow their heads
pray with him for fast healing of the sorrows ahead
then begin his wonderful recollections of the dead

her argument was that once a few stories are recalled
the saving of souls began and that she wouldn't attend
to hear of how the dearly departed was in a better place
speaking of how this has all been foretold, unchangeable
his voice rising with delight as his face glazed over 
ecstasy, rapture, enlightenment shining in his eyes

it was this happiness she could not tolerate
would not listen to one more time while she lived
for her heart was full of grief, a pain buried deep inside
the hurt sometimes expanding her heart until she ached
wondering how much more sorrow she could hold 
until it exploded so everyone could gaze and behold
her anger, hopelessness, lost faith, and despair
would the pastor then speak of a finer place for her

@ donetta sifford 4-25-2013


  1. Wow! It's like you were describing my thoughts at almost every funeral I've been to. You so perfectly captured these sentiments. Great writing.

  2. I've been to only one funeral so I can hardly relate, but this is a well-put piece.

  3. Funerals have that way of bringing out both the good and bad in people. I think it's the whole "I'm still alive and he/she isn't". Good job with the prompt.

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. I love this line: "it was the happiness she could not tolerate." Nice writing throughout!

  5. Beautiful sadness, great title, and such emotional heft in a small space. I loved it, netta


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