Sunday, April 14, 2013

Show Must Go On

this could all be self destruction
your words or lack of may be my downfall
does a thousand tears mean anything
even if they are sincere when falling

i'm stuck in time, no forward, no back
days run together, you're changing again
any conversation can turn to disputes 
here comes the carnage of my heart

everything that keeps me up at night
there's no sleep on the lonely days
wanting to hold on to you, it's hard
needing to repair my bent life too

nobody sees or hears me cry 
like i'd preserved it all for you
the illusion i present to the world
swore they wouldn't hear me weep

time to go out and correct mistakes
gifted skill of hiding swollen eyes
incomparable talent with make-up
dressed as if i have fashion sense

second glance by some man is fine
that's all make believe for my friends
can't trust anyone with my weakness
a sham of not thinking of you hurting

mentally preparing to be who i'm not
everyone loves the false smiles but me
for a moment a melody plays in my mind
Queen is singing 'The Show Must Go On'

it's a cliche full of honesty and truth
the world will kick you while you're down
always was great with laughable tragedy
wonder why i showed you realness in me

'my soul is painted like the wings of  butterflies
fairy tales of yesterday will grow but never die
i can fly my friends' i hear the lyrics repeated
looking happy while thinking i never like fairy tales

@ donetta sifford 4-14-2013


  1. hope this isn't a ditto..I tried earlier but you know the computer world...anyway
    I enjoyed the way you wrote this story...alluding to the prompt with her inside upheaval and her exterior acting..good writing.

  2. This is full of emotion, heart-breaking and beautifully written

  3. This has so much emotion. It is a poem full with words that make you feel.

  4. We all wear masks, but you've explored the pain behind the mask very well.


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