Wednesday, May 15, 2013

5 Cover Songs I Love

Jen Kehl

Okay, cover songs that I enjoy better than the original or think does it as much justice.  I'll start with Bob Dylan's song he recorded in 1973 for a sound track to 'Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid'.  Here's Eric Clapton with 'Knocking on Heaven's Door'

Next just from memory alone, The Cure originally released 'Love Song' in 1989.  I much prefer the version later recorded by 311 in 2004.  Now I have to say my favorite is Adele's cover of 'Love Song' from 2011.

I realize this is a popular cover song.  I loved when Nine Inch Nails released 'Hurt' in 1994, my senior year of high school.  I think Johnny Cash brought his own rough, unique voice to the song without changing it drastically. So, perhaps not better, but absolutely a great cover with Johnny Cash singing 'Hurt' in 2002, one of his final hit releases before passing away.

This possibly may ruffle some feathers.  It has in past conversations.  Bob Seger released 'Turn The Page' in 1973 and later his live version in 1976 was rocking!  Waylon Jennings done a cover in 1985 which was on his album that had the same name 'Turn The Page'.  I love Bob Seger singing his song, as well as enjoy Waylon Jennings' version.  I personally prefer Metallica's cover of the song in 1998.  They brought a little heavy into the rock and I am not saying one is better than the other, just I really like what Metallica brought to the song!

My last choice for number 5 would be Seether covering  'Careless Whisper' which was George Michael's first solo single in 1984 although he was still preforming with Wham!, so the song was included on Wham!'s album Make It Big.  I was a huge George Michael's fan and Father Figure was a favorite.  Still this song is deep and a lot of different artist have covered 'Careless Whisper'. I respect and enjoy the way Seether kept it in the same area as the original, rather than some of his famous screaming, but adds some more edge to the softness of George Michael's voice. 

 This wraps up my list done for the first time on another musical blog.  It's a blog hop so join the fun.  For the ones that are regulars, please remember I'm still expanding my musical world, so cut me a little slack please. Here is my list of 5 favorite and good cover songs done for Twisted MixTape Tuesday.


  1. You rock! Thank's for participating! I am listening to Metallica's version right now, and I have to say... I don't disagree. I have a few Metallica fans that link up, I think they'll appreciate it! I always love a great summer jam.
    I totally agree about Knocking on Heaven's Door, as a former Deadhead, gotta add that I always loved to hear them play it. Someone else picked Seether, the background behind that song is great, they did it as a joke and it turned out to be a hit! Also...big Johnny Cash fans here! Come back next week!

    1. Thanks! This was a lot of fun. So glad the Metallica version went over well. :)

  2. what's your twitter handle, wanted to tag you but couldn't find it!


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