Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Come What May

come what may 
i can't stop loving you
come what may
i know i'll never forget you

should i write to you my fears
twenty seven names for my tears
my melancholy nights won't allow sleep
watch a falling star burn out and i weep
guarding thoughts forming in my mind
scared i'll speak them aloud in time
unnerving how i give my heart so free
disturbing the way you can walk away from me
kept my trust locked up tight
let you in without a reason why
how does love roll off your tongue
then you decide for me that we are done
no hatred or love loss in your words
unbearable how much that hurts
but you always know
come what may
i can't stop loving you
come what may
you know i won't forget you
i am trapped by my emotions
come what may

@ donetta sifford 5-15-2013


  1. The pain of lost love came pouring out through your words!

  2. This was so intense and moving. This pain is no stranger to me, you wrote of it very well!


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