Wednesday, May 8, 2013

No Bond

Studying the photo he gave me
Old, faded, black, and white
Inspecting every detail, line, shadows
The woman in the picture sat in grass
Slender legs tucked neatly at her side
Her shorts barely came above her knees
Curly hair flowed on her shoulders
One side swept back in a bow
Leaning back on one arm, smiling
Even from the snapshot she had a defined look
Head lifted high, a daring gaze on her face

Curiosity brought me back time and again
To examine this image, searching
Wanting to feel a connection to the lady
She had my unruly hair, my defiant gaze
Her lips were full, nose slightly larger
Our body language was the same
This petite creature frozen in time
My paternal grandmother at my age
There was no doubt we were blood
Resemblances of kinship couldn't be denied
Other than the interesting likeness we shared
I had never met her nor could I feel anything
Just knowledge that I didn't know her son either

@ donetta sifford 5-8-2013


  1. It always is interesting to look at old photographs. It's a favorite pasttime, and I wish I had more.

  2. The details spanning the generations is very interesting. That last line raises a few questions too!

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. So true how likenesses and character can rattle down generations, and a shock to see them reflected sometimes. The last line is so sad. LM x

  4. Agree with Draugh. the last line is a killer.

  5. The build of emotion was beautifully handled; that ending line just nailed it.

    Well done!

  6. You slayed the last line. The way you built the emotion was awesome. You ahd me at "defiant gaze".

    That would be a good band name. great piece.

  7. I was caught up in the nostalgia, even picturing just how the woman looked- than the last line jolted me. Sad reality for many, beautifully written.

  8. as everyone before me has said, that last line is killer!

  9. Beautiful piece Donetta! I agree -- that last line is excellent. Great take on the prompt!

  10. The last line changes the whole tone - from evocative to accusatory. Nice.


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