Sunday, May 12, 2013

Remember To Breathe

rising at dawn, afraid to miss anything
riding bikes, tire swings, lunch mama made
climbing trees with friends, chasing fireflies at dusk
dirty feet being washed before climbing in bed
she softly breathes between sunsets
dreading daylight, school's boring everyday
rushes through breakfast, fixing make-up
passing notes to friends, chasing any fun
homework, thinking of that special boy
finally settled, she breathes between sunsets
married young, divorced, but work's going great
driving around, getting stoned with friends
death has touched her life, chasing eluding happiness
restless darkness, she finally passes out
she breathes between sunsets
rising with morning sun, puts her children on the bus
cleaning her home while trying to keep her soul purified
finds some time to see a friend or two
watches her children grow, hasn't life went by
feels her day has went as it should
as long as when night falls, she peacefully
breathes between sunsets

@ donetta sifford 5-12-2013

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  1. she breathes between sunsets....what a great line...and evocative...nice repetition of it...lovely mothers day poem...moms do so much...and give so selflessly...


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