Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sounds Heard On A Thursday Summer Night

Not exactly Friday, close enough.
Hear ice smashing from the cooler?
Guys digging for a cold one, 
go ahead and hand me my Kahlua 
Heat on the river bank feels good
as the air tickles my sun tanned skin.
Tipsy, let me mix one more White Russian 
before we say goodbye to friends 
to go home, whirling fan easing me to sleep.
Love that jam, turn it up a little.
Distance myself for a moment,
walk to the water just to dance,
take in this night of nothing unusual.
Same smiling faces, voices, music,
crickets singing their own love making
songs while the breeze blows through my hair.
Today melted into this laid back night.
Hell, we'll all meet in the same spot
as tomorrow unwinds a lot like this.
Few more people may show up.
Wonder if I'm the only one 
that doesn't mind the simple times
we share together, because in the ordinary
are the thousand ways I find life extraordinary. 

@ donetta sifford 6-27-2013

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  1. brilliant details and build-up of narrative and mood, Donetta - and the poem glides naturally to the last two lines...a pleasure to read


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