Thursday, July 4, 2013

1980's Part 1. Time After Time

Jen Kehl

Ah, the 80's music.  Where to begin?   I started kindergarten in 1981 at the age of 4 yrs old and could already belt out all of Hank Williams greatest and Don Williams.  This is the time though of a small record player, (Winnie the Pooh to be exact), was spinning Micheal Jackson's album Thriller.  Later, Winnie the Pooh got traded in for my first stereo which had the record player on top, the two tape decks in the middle, an am and fm stereo, and shelves on the bottom.  So let me decide how to fit 5 songs onto The 80's Part 1.

I still love to hear this song being sung by Eddie Rabbitt.  It's one of the few happy rain songs that just has that beat to it and makes you want to snap your fingers.  Guess my list will begin with this one:  'I Love a Rainy Night'.

Who am I to disagree that 'Sweet Dreams (are made of this)' was like totally a rockin' song in 1983 by Eurythmics.

For all purposes, Motown should have aired this anniversary in 1984, but it was aired in 1983, Motown's 25th anniversary.  This showed Micheal Jackson's first moonwalk while singing 'Billie Jean'.  

While Micheal was moonwalking, I was also listening to the beautiful voice of Cyndi Laupher singing 'Time After Time'.  Ironically, my favorite singer at the moment, and actually since 1999, is Rob Thomas.  He does a beautiful version of this song.  I don't know that yet, so for now, I'm lying in my bed singing my heart out with Cyndi and thinking of the boy that I will catch if he falls. 

The 80's also found me intrigued with the Culture Club and I still dance to Karma Chameleon.  

These were just 5 of some of the greatest songs of all time to me in the 80's and a few list right up there today.  1989 would mark a special occasion for me as I started my last year of middle school and the year 1990 would find me walking into high school as a freshman. Still, the 80's era of music soundtracks much of my life.   Favorite 5?  Let's like totally hear them! 

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