Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Are You Happy

Crazy, reckless days
worrying about nothing
except where to take our party.
Usually Saturday's found us
down by the river bank,
sharing cigarettes, money
for gas, if we ran out of beer.
Remember you holding me
tight that year, whispering
sweet bullshit in my ear?
Then we'd both laugh and
I'd pack a bowl, we talked
about hurrying up, to grow 
old, well, enough to move.
You saved enough money
to get a pretty tight ride.
Wasn't anywhere you went
without me by your side, singing.
Saved enough cash 
to take a road trip, north.
Passed a bar in that one town.
Had to stop, see what it was about.
I was young enough to be proud
when you hustled that local,
the one talking loud, at pool.
Don't know how we made it out,
but wasn't I the coolest chic around?
I could smoke with the best,
drink your friends under the table,
fight like hell, then be a lady.
Miss those days, got told we would.
Now we're the adults of this
neighborhood, makes me laugh. 
This worrying gets so old, 
it'd be nice, to take another
trip, leave this life, behind. 
I'm just talking, you know 
we can't go, sounded good
all those years back though.
Are you happy now with your life?
Have to say, you have a lucky wife.
Me? Nah, you know I'm not
the marrying kind, I'd rather
leave when the fun's over than
waste my time, besides,
I do have my girls. 
Am I happy with my choices?
Yeah, I'm not unhappy,
and I told ya, no regrets. 

@ donetta sifford 8-20-2013
Written for:  Write at the Merge


  1. Your last line says it all, no regrets. That's what really matters, in the long run.

    LOVE your new header Donetta!

    Happy week, G

    1. Thank you. I keep messing around with the headers at Shabby Blogs. Think I'll stick with this layout for awhile.

  2. No regrets, indeed. Great job with the prompt!

  3. Somehow this reminds me of the song by John Mellencamp "Jack & Diane". Love Mellencamp and I love this post. Great take on the prompt.

    1. Thank you. That is one of my favorite songs on my list of 50!

  4. I loved your response to this prompt. I especially loved this line," Remember you holding me
    tight that year, whispering
    sweet bullshit in my ear?" I laughed out loud. Great job!

    1. Thank you. It popped in my mind 'whispering sweet nothings' and then it popped in my mind being 16 years old, more like 'whispering bullshit'. lol. Glad you enjoyed.


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