Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Delightful Order Giveaway!!!

I adore the idea of being an organized person.  Sometimes life does get in the way, and I never caught on to that organizing skill that some people work at or are gifted with. 
I have joined Fly Lady on and off since 2002.  I do try different routines trying to find an in between that meshes with who I am.  I ran across the blog Delightful Order.  This blog is delightful!  Easy to navigate through, very flattering colors, freebies, and so many organizing tools needed.  You can shop, browse, get help tips, and now there is a giveaway going on.  Delightful Order hit 10,000 + in likes on Facebook!!! 
 Now it's giveaway time and I know I am trying desperately to get organized before school starts. With two girls, one beginning middle school and one starting her journey into 2nd grade, and her first year of elementary school without her big sister there, I have a lot going on.  Click on the link and hop over to visit Delightful Order, then enter to win an awesome giveaway prize!!!  

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