Friday, August 23, 2013

Follow Friday Fill-In Fun Week 126


Here is the link to my blog on WordPress - Once Upon A Time.
I am honored to be co-host.  Except I put my answers on a different blog. 
Here is my fill-ins.  

1.  Sometimes I feel like there is so much to do and that I will never get organized.
2.  I never tire of reading good books.
3  I love the charity Relay For Life because it strives to involve the community in helping raise cancer awareness.
4.  My dream job would be being a photographer because I’d get to take interesting photos and capture precious moments in time. 

This is a blog hop!!!

Be sure to check out the blog that makes this possible, Feeling Beachie!


  1. So far,I think we've all answered #1 the same way!

  2. What is this 'organization' that you speak of?

  3. I don't think organization is an achievable goal. I've been trying for 30+ years now and have little to show for my progress. Hopping over from Hilary's beach party FFFFF!

  4. I love being organized - to a point and then I love to improvise. Does that make sense?! LOL
    Relay For Life sounds great.

  5. Being organised is great, but I can never stay organised, something always happens unexpectedly and then it's chaos again!

    Rachael x

  6. Getting organized is hard - I am pretty organized but bad and prioritizing and knowing my limit of what I can actually accomplish vs what I want to.


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