Saturday, August 17, 2013

Forbidden Poem

paint me in black and white,
the way you see your world
all i see are smudges of grey
there are no fairy tale romances
'meant to be' is so cliche
planets aren't aligned, but
i don't need any tarot cards
to predict you still think of me
every time we were together
all the world was as should be
in a dim lit room, careless 
strumming your guitar, 
tired of your restrictions, 
am i not allowed to love you?
driving me mad with these boundaries.
look into my eyes one more time
tell me you don't miss this

@ donetta sifford 8-17-2013
Written for: Saturday Centus

Jenny Matlock

The prompt this week is the word 'Forbidden'

Number of words:  Exactly one hundred.  Using the word 'forbidden' in your writing is forbidden. 
Style of writing: Any
Pictures: Any 


  1. Thanks for painting such a great picture with your words! I enjoyed your poem

  2. Wow, this was lovely and sad at the same time. I can feel the pain.

  3. Ah, this was music for my heart and soul!

  4. Donetta!



    This was some seriously wonderful writing.

    I love the imagery you painted with your words!

    Absolutely stellar!

    Thank you for linking!

    1. Thank you so much for the compliments. This is one I liked a little more than others I have written. Like having a litter of puppies but thinking the runt is the cutest. lol. Thanks for stopping by.


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