Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sacrifice and Laughter

Maybe it was the times,
when having a child 
out of wedlock brought 
shame to the mother.
Perhaps it was the start
of the 'me' generation 
filled with selfishness. 
Young, immature girl
learned of being pregnant,
praying to the heavens
for this to be a mistake.
Father of the child, already
made a decision to enlist
and deny this child his blood.
Hiding this growing inside her,
until she could no longer 
keep it a secret, she confessed.
Her older sister wanted a child.
A gift she would never receive. 
Young mother's parents, strong,
had struggled to raise her, her 
older sister, could have rested.
Could have made her take on
responsibilities, learn herself.
What the young mother wanted
was to forget, get married,
start a family where she had
security of a husband, job. 
The grandparents didn't stop
to discuss how it would change
their lives, again, how they
had already taken care of two.
All they seen was a premature 
infant with red hair, dark eyes,
that a mother didn't want and
would have made miserable.
Without looking toward any
future, my grandparents
raised me, until death took
my grandfather when I was
17 and later my grandmother
when I was 22, taking care of her.

@ donetta sifford 8-17-2013

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