Thursday, August 8, 2013

Section - reputation

Grew up fast, careless
like a summer thunderstorm.
Crazy reputation followed him.
He was only having some fun.
Started out small time, hanging
with the wrong older guys.
Days blended into nights,
then back into day again.
Blazing up, relaxing, laughing
with ride or die type friends.
Thought his section on the streets
held the baddest boys around.
Stepping out of his holding cell,
a different reality he'd found.
These sections of niches, 
could intimidate the coolest man.
Cellmate told him the rules.
Now he had nothing but time
and a few jailhouse tats on his hands.
Alone locked down, he lay awake
wondering about his mistakes.
25 to life, this wasn't in his plans.
Bars had humbled him, price
paid for being a hustling man.

@ donetta sifford 8-8-2013
Written for: Poets of G+ prompt 

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