Sunday, August 4, 2013

Without Each Other

Drawing Hands, 1948 by M. C. Escher 

Quite complex our understandings
of one another and the roles we play.
From my simplicity, you adorn my sleeve.
Smearing a few lines here and there
so you could stretch out before me.
Beautify my bent hand as my pencil
ceases to sketch, for you are the stronger
of us, yet one could not exist without the other.

@ donetta sifford 8-4-2013

Written for:  The Mag


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. I was worried it may not convey what I was trying to say, but it seems it did.

  2. Ah, but it takes great strength to acknowledge weakness in ourselves.

  3. Makes me wonder about all those people who only have one hand...or none... They are still 'whole' human beings!

    1. This is true. I know a man whom was a judge in a county beside mine. Someone sent him a revenge package, and when he opened it, it exploded, causing him to lose both hands. Later, I would see him on a regular basis at a gas station I was assistant manager at for a few years. He had false hands, yet he pumped his gas and signed his credit card receipt with much grace. He remained kind at heart also. A very noble and good man.

  4. Intelligent, thought-provoking write...

  5. A wonderful poem, Donetta, on how a relationship can be. I love it!


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