Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Used Up Magic


Walking the crowded streets,
making a path between noises.
Hanging around on the avenue,
where everyone looks so tired.
Eyes of old men burn into me
like I'm the only one hustling.
Can't lie, money did intrigue me.
That doesn't mean I'm the center
of everything wrong with this town.
Used to look enchanting as a child.
Now the only magic you see,
stands on a corner, ringing his bell,
in a Santa outfit, needing donations.
You pass right through him,
and his army of salvation,  
ignoring the stains in his beard,
on a mission to find an answer
to the question you're afraid to ask.
For the right pay, I'll give you change.
Your ticket to another dimension,
sunshine cashed in for a rainy day.
Now the only magic you see,
in a town once enchanted, is
standing on the corner, smoking. 

@ donetta sifford  9-10-2013
Written for: The Sunday Whirl

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