Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Easy to Pretend

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

Days go by and I'm drowning
Pushed under tides of hard times
Then I'll hear a song playing
It pulls me back to a warm day
in July, a perfect day, just you and I.
We were laughing so much 
Your smile made me forget my blues.
It was easy then to pretend
we were both good people, 
with beautiful souls.
If I close eyes and let the music
soothe my mind, I forget everyone else.
Wonder if your days are perfect now?
Can't help wishing I could reach you.
Somehow I know I'll find good times.
I simply know.

@ donetta sifford 10-30-2013

Written for: My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog
Lance is paying tribute to Lou Reed

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  1. I loved this interpretation, it was sad and hopeful.

    Remember, we have a new up NOW, hope you participate. greta job


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