Sunday, October 27, 2013

Nothing Else Matters

My Skewed View

This past week Jen ask for songs that are spiritual to each person.  Doesn't have to be religious.  A Twisted Mix Tape of songs that help us when we are having hard times.  Here are songs that make me feel good inside, like the world isn't such a horrible place after all. 

To me sometimes music can dig down to my soul and hit the sad parts.  Although the songs may sound sad, they also give me a renewed feeling. 
So a few of these may not seem uplifting or spiritual to anyone, but they have meaning to me that is deep.  

The first song that comes to mind is hearing Elvis sing 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'.  I may have used this in a previous mix tape because I do love to hear this song. 

Next is a CCR song that I know I used.  It was played at my cousin's funeral.  The song itself touches me though and makes me feel peaceful. 'As Long As I Can See The Light' 

I love to hear Jamey Johnson sing 'Lead Me Home'.  His deep voice singing lovely lyrics is touching.

I recently heard Lana Del Rey and I know she was getting a lot of bad reports about singing under her real name at one time.  A bad show on SNL.  The media never fails to dig up flaws I suppose.  I absolutely love her voice.  I found her when I seen the movie 'The Great Gatsby' and she was on the soundtrack with 'Young and Beautiful'.  So, I checked out more songs and I found her singing this song, "Ride".  Awesome song.

I guess Metallica doesn't cross one's mind when the word "spiritual" is mentioned.  However, "Nothing Else Matters" says a lot.  If a person doesn't exactly like harder rock music, they can still hear the words and they have a depth to them.

I didn't add a Matchbox 20 song this time.  I actually couldn't decide on just one.  This wraps up my spiritual mix tape for Jen.  This is a blog hop!! 


  1. These are some songs I never even thought of. And believe it or not I don't think I've heard Elvis sing Bridge Over Troubled Waters. Hmmm... at one point I had a 4 cassette box set of Elvis, maybe it was on one of the cassettes I didn't listen to that much. I had my favorites you know :-) Thanks so much for playing! I am happy you play when you can. Maybe see you for our Halloween Spooktacular??!!!

  2. Hi, what a great collection of songs. I love Bridge Over Troubled Waters. I am going to play these in the background as I write today. Will have to join up on this link up this week. Thanks so much for stopping by this weekend.


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