Monday, November 25, 2013

Less Painful

Our past is sometimes
better left alone, abandoned.
Wrap it, tie it snugly in a bow
if you must, then toss it out
as if flicking a burned up
cigarette out a car window.
Why would one back track
to look for something, that
is considered useless, stale.

I do not care to relive, rethink
of all the maybes I left behind.
It would be less painful to me
for someone to pluck my eye
from it's socket, then shove
it back into place, rather than
dredge up old times, bad times.
Times that mark my youth
spent being the adult, responsible.
He had all the experience of years,
yet, it was I who swiftly aged,
moving toward a feeling of old.

Your memories are yours, locked
inside your certificate hanging,
while you write feverishly, long,
drawn out notes, trying to analyze
the essence of my very being.
Perhaps it isn't the path leading
me here that should be walked
over, but how I jogged here
today, and what I plan to do now.

@ donetta sifford 11-25-2013

Written for:  Trifecta Week 105


  1. This is a very thoughtful piece of writing and I admire your fortitude. I wish I could live this.

  2. I agree that a painful past isn't something to be dredged up and dwelt on. This was beautifully written and came across as tender, yet strong.

  3. brutal honest and finely delivered. well done, netta.

    I loved it.

    Happy Day of Giving Thanks up there, from me and deana.

    1. Thanks Lance!!! Hope you and Deana had a great Thanksgiving!!

  4. This is thoughtful and beautiful. Well done!

  5. I like this! And it would be interesting to think of peoples's pasts as something polluting like a cigarette butt.

  6. Strong and beautiful. The phrasing in the first stanza captured me immediately. Well done, Donetta! :))

  7. I tend to ruminate and have a hard time letting go of former maybes. Which I don't think is healthy. I like the attitude in this piece.

  8. I agree, trying to relive the past can be a painful exercise in "what ifs." Better to keep moving forward.


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