Monday, January 27, 2014

Practice of Lonliness

VisDare Photo Source

Appears we no longer see
eye to eye on anything,
nothing of importance.
Our shattered relationship
could not withstand scrutiny
from other's, our ego deflated.
While some couples weather
stormy seas together,
becoming better for doing so,
when the winds softly slowed
miles of apathy were between us.
Your indifferent gaze stings,
leaving me isolated from everyone.
Alienated from the world, 
practicing becoming alone,
I found was much easier than
trying to complete myself with you.

@ donetta sifford  1-27-2014

Written for: VisDare 45



  1. Ah! Our first poetic entry for this prompt! Wonderful free verse. "Miles of apathy were between us." <--- Favorite line. Beautifully tragic.

  2. I know these feelings. Great free verse!

    1. Thank you so much. Wasn't sure the poem went with the photo but it helped cure writer's block I've had. :)


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