Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mother Nature's Black Mood

The April 15th Challenge is now OPEN.

Poets will have 24 hours to post their response to:
Write a poem by mixing two senses that don't usually go together.  What does blue smell like? What color is a piece of music?  How does cold taste?
          ONE submission per poet.
          DATE "April 15th Challenge" should appear at the top
          VOTE by commenting on entries. Voting will be open for 7 days.

Finally the coldness had released
it's grasp over our gloomy area.
Birds singing yellow songs of joy.
Throwing the windows open,
letting winter's bitter smell
leak out while spring bounced in.
Energized by the heat's embrace,
I floated about, cleaning this,
organizing that, until evening hours.
Sun shining on my face, thawed out
my aching bones, while I walked.
Taking photos of blooming daffodils,
my daughter grabbing a blue Robin's
egg that had fallen to the ground.
Never keen on television, and so,
I missed the memo from Mother Nature.
Though she'd proven time and again
not to assume anything about her.
Her mood turned black once more.
Now, as I sit here with the window's
down, curtains pulled, blanket around me,
the wind moans outside, rain sloshes 
hateful to the grass, I'm chilled to the bone.
How I wish winter's cruel days would end.

donetta sifford 4-15-2014

Written for Poets of G+


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