Tuesday, April 1, 2014

NaPoWriMo and Bibliomancy Oracle

So April is already here.  National Poetry Month, April's Fools Day, NaPoWriMo, and my grandmother's birthday, though she has been deceased going on 14 years.  It seems her death shaped and consumed almost every aspect of my life up to now.  
I decided to participate on the NaPoWriMo that I discovered as I was looking through National Poetry searches.  For the 1st day, the prompt, if you choose to use it, seemed fairly simple.  Go to Bibliomancy Oracle and write a poem based on the quotation you receive form the oracle.  Sounds easy.  Then I was thinking in my mind a question, and here's the quote I received to work with; 

Just be prepared to leave
and don’t work to make friends
or fall in love


from “My Job” by Dolly Lemke

Ever changing are the days and nights.
The person we are right now,
may not be the person we are in an hour.
A moment in time when life shifts,
unexpectedly, leaves our reality off balance.
Some scramble to regain their footing.
Keep their routines in place, accepting
the changes as a part of their lives.
Then there are people such as I.
I don't fight against falling down.
It seems in the very second 
when everything around me 
threatens to crash, broken,
it consumes my very being.
I become broken in the aftermath.
Never learning to fit the pieces 
together again, so tightly,
the cracks become invisible.
I wear my scars on the outside.
Life and people are unpredictable.
Anchoring oneself to another human
has proven to be foolish over and over.
If a person is to maintain any sanity,
any happiness at all in a world of doom,
then one must be prepared to leave
loved ones behind, become selfish.
Find the peace, strength, and joy
in one's knowledge, because 
friend's and lovers fall away.
Perhaps they're only scrambling too.
donetta sifford 4-1-2013

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