Monday, April 28, 2014

Not a Dog's World

"Ruff Ruff," barked Bella 
at the machine's blank screen.
"Please Repeat That," 
came from the now glowing face. 
"Ruff Ruff Ruff," Bella a bit frightened.
"Search Results Zero. Please Check Your Spelling,"
this odd thing hummed.
Backing further onto the couch,
Bella thought to herself,
"What an eyesore you are in my Master's
quaint home. What happened to the other
thing that played lovely tunes?"
Watching bubbles float around the windows
before going black with silence again,
Bella wondered how mad her Master would be,
if the curious object got knocked to the floor.
How easily the table could get bumped
on accident, of course.
Thoughts of being scolded with no treats
or even a walk after dinner
was enough to keep Bella from misbehaving.
Instead, she stared straight ahead,
resenting the newest decoration.

donetta sifford 4-29-2014

Written for: Magpie Tales 217


  1. interesting take on the prompt.. makes me smile.

  2. Through the eyes of the this Donetta! :-)

  3. Thank you all. It seemed strangely out of place in such a gorgeous room.


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