Thursday, April 10, 2014


My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

Don't know exactly how to explain
the way my heart beats faster
when you walk in the room.
Impolite to stare, but I can't move.
Heads are turning, people looking,
Thought I'd outgrown these feelings
swimming around my head.
Try to ask you to dance but I'm stuttering.
In your presence I can't breathe.
Wonder if you are starting to see
my legs shaking, palms sweating,
my face on fire, you're the only one I desire.
It's unnerving. If this is lust at first sight,
want this feeling to last all night.
Maybe by morning I can be calm again.

donetta sifford 4-10-2014

Written for: My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog 100 Word Song


  1. I still feel this way about my husband - all schoolgirl giddy.

    1. That is awesome!! I think a good marriage is built on friendship and the ability to feel comfortable with one another, but I firmly believe the spark doesn't have to turn routine and burn out. I have to remind myself every now and again, that fixing myself up, even if not leaving the house, is what I was doing at 22 and before kids. There are times my boyfriend of 8 years will smile a certain way or be talking to his friends, and I am reminded of why I fell for him years ago. :)


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