Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Approach With Caution


An itch I must scratch.
Curiosity put a hit out
on nine lives of a cat.
Approach me with caution.
Tend to go against the grain.
You can't call yourself a player,
if nobody else is playing games.
Seen the glint in darkness
when I tossed the only key,
to the door of my future.
Present time is all I need.
Questioning everything in life,
you were just a phase.
Temporary distraction 
from the single life.
My mind stays level.
Don't attach yourself to me.
Too many places I haven't been.
There's no room for you.

donetta sifford 7/1/2014

Written for The Sunday Whirl


  1. hahaha - I just love that last line :)


    1. Thank you. lol. My moodiness sometimes does make for a good poem. Glad you stopped by.


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