Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Patience Isn't My Virtue

A Game of Patience, 1937, Meredith Frampton

Patience is a virtue
I never claimed to posses.
Sitting in this lobby,
cards spread perfectly,
I catch a glimpse of myself
in a stranger's eyes. 
If the next card flips
a queen, I shall talk to him.
Should I see an ace, 
my interest will not linger.
Any other card, I'll leave
the game of chance up to him.
Shaking inside, patiently poised
on the outside, self assurance
has proven hard to fake. 
Please, let me uncover
the queen of hearts. 

donetta sifford 7-1-2014

Written for Mag 226


  1. "Any other card, I'll leave the game of chance up to him."
    He'll need jacks or better, to open...

    1. It seems he does. :) Thank you for stopping by.

  2. I do hope she gets The Queen Of Hearts
    . . . but you see I am just a big soft romantic.
    I loved this take on the prompt:
    But he would have to do some sweet talking if it was neither the QOH or an Ace!
    ~ Eddie

    1. Yes, he would. Hopefully, he's a charmer and can keep her interest. :)

  3. Patience isn't my strong suit. This resonates with me. If I was a betting woman, I'd bet she draws the right card.

  4. She's well sought after, the Queen of Hearts.

  5. Fingers crossed for the Queen of Hearts ... I enjoyed your take on this Magpie Tale.


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