Sunday, September 14, 2014

Don't Need Sun

Written for My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog - 100 Word Song

Pull my shades down,
prove I don't need sun.
Ignoring calls and text.
They're not you, I guess
this time I've lost you again.
There's no comfort in memories
 hanging around haunting me.
Smoking cigarettes, wondering how to get
out of this darkness I call home.
Could never understand 
who I was back then,
 I don't know you now.
Said I was the one,
 that got away.
Did you decide that's okay?
Why find me now,
 let me know you found
happiness in my face?
Tell me you can love me,
you'll show me one day.
One day never comes.  

donetta sifford 9-13-2014

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