Sunday, September 28, 2014

Trailer Park Emperor


He was the emperor 
in his land of thinking.
Even when his mind,
clearly, was off track.
In a trance, daydreaming,
of dim lit theatres,
skin on skin contact.
Buttery smells of popcorn,
sodas, and her perfume,
tantalized his nose.
Not enough just to bring
home the bacon, needing
to be more than a bread winner.
His careful visions of her
in his life, he knew he wanted
to live like royalty in their
double wide trailer park. 

donetta sifford 9/28/2014

Written for: Red Wolf Poems - We Wordle 27


  1. Loved this~ goes down like something sweet and heady.

  2. Trailer park emperor -- that idea is so cute.

  3. hahaha, I like this. I love the way you worked bacon into this.


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